Happy birds

Birds over trees do not know when hunter will shoot them.
They happily chirping, singing, and swinging over branches.
before they fall motionless, unknown of what is death.
that floats in the air above head every moment.

Behold, if you know there is the end, coming near.
Cycles of seasons and you are part of wheel,
You are licking material world, burning other side.
One who came will go without exception.

If you are wise, strive for your dream,
Before candle turns off, and leave you in dark unknown.
Don’t be slave of sins and dirty your time.
Be crazy but live pure upon this earth.

Rose Left in a park

Sober wilted petals, red and shades of pink,
All scattered, mixed with sand,
hidden amongst leaves
drifted down the park.

I born, sprouted out of green steam
surrounded by thorns,
I set to blast colors,
smoke of aroma.

Whatever you wear,
I am here to bloom your love.
My beauty, your passions,
I will last in short, as life does.

Strangers pressed below shoes,
stories vanished, and
I turned into dust,
from master of creation.

Those greedy eyes I gathered.
one plucked me for few pennies,
and hold close to nose,
sniffed, charmed with aroma.

He remembered her,
recalled memories, meetings,
longed for her tender voice, and
frail curves.

I was passed
from one hand to other.
uplifted wave of romance,
Fury of waves attacking shore.
I witnessed from tables.
Both mingled, exchanged kisses.
As they lip-locked
both melted, dissolved together,

Joker did his job,
to steal her heart,
won her flesh and body,
just to lock into his house.

I was at start and nowhere else.
He coarsed her,
kicked broken petals,
to place no one comes.

Love was replaced with sinister,
Happenings, fear.
She staggers, search for water,
Lips whisper for her share.

She tears me and eats in regret,
“is it what world, real one”
She is with me,
broken pieces of lonely heart

No Love, laughter or light,
No caring meets and merry.
Just tears, violence and fight,
Wait for time to pass by.

Sober wilted petals, red and shades of pink,
All scattered, mixed with sand.

Below Clouds

I walk along this seashore,
on sand widely spread everywhere,
Hungry tides race over it,
To embrace land green.

Lord sun went behind clouds,
He closed eyes in shame.
He raged, torn away pillows
And scattered clouds around earth.

Trails left behind slow tread,
Will disappear next moment.
Wall will between me and world, miracle unfathomable
Will widen every moment.

Skin blisters with cold winds out,
Flowing rushing over waves,
While blood that flows below skin,
With no consent.

I meditate upon your absence,
Your flight, splendid open wings.
Should I long for
you or separation out of this enclosure

Looking at clouded sky, dark abyss.
I demand, question myself-
Which place do I belong?
Where am I going to?

* I wrote these lines, after a Sharon send a pictures of her vacation and  about her walk along Mangalore beach.

Salute to real fighter

This poem is my condolence to Aruna Shanbaug, died 42 years after sexual assault in Mumbai.

May her soul find peace, comfort and blissful world!
Only warrior could fight brim battle, heart can live trapped in body bedridden for all full 42 years.
Her world remained inside body of flesh and bones that turned older, worn out in small chamber room of ward number 4, KEM Hospital, Mumbai.
Infinite pain, grief drifted through hospital window days and night, even death crept in shame, cried out aloud, and refused to touch her holy bed.

You -Real Idiot, half headed monster, dirty warm.
Not even monkey could dare to throttle her throat with dog’s chain.
How could you walk free after handicapping, her for rest of her life? That life is worse than staying in jail.
Just an idea left me in fury and fire, fall in deep regret with shaking humane heart.

Those are serving hands of nursing, who repented, protested, kept flame of life alive for decades.
They, one by one, struggled for her smile.
They protested to keep this assault alive, vivid stigma on justice system in this country.
Salute to you nurses, torch bearers of kindness, for your devotion and loyalty toward duty.

What the madness! What a human race!
Even her family turned back to take her in house.
Hospital opened doors for looters, murderer.
The place where wounded are healed, relived, and illnesses are wiped out.

Unfortunately, it’s India, the country where criminals walk free;
corrupts erupt, flaunt, defend, get elected, assault, harass, prey, kill, murder, f**k and s**t.

Journey called life

Long way to go,
Taking one step after other.
The journey with no end,
See beginning and move ahead.

Taking one step after other,
Through foggy clouds.
This beginning and moving ahead
Through torments of world.

Through foggy clouds, mist, and
Pendulum between past and future.
Through torments of world, worldly charms,
I plan to leave behind baggage of past.

Pendulum between past and future,
I see no high five goals.
Plan to leave baggage of past,
Walk forward and just be human.

I see no high goals.
But if just I ensure to
move ahead and upward,
I will reach somewhere in the end.

If I ensure to
reach somewhere in the end.
Through mysterious, labyrinth walks of life
Long way to go.

* I tried to write pantoum, a form of poem, in which second and fourth lines of stanza are repeated as first and third lines of next one.

Slice of sin

This cup of coffee, black and brawny, Sugar and sweet- drinking wavering memory.
Oscillating, crazy ride to know truth, trials.
Blond and beauty, seizes, clutches this heart, stands erect on my way, and leaves rushing heart turbulent.
Force of love violets solace. just come together and dissolve.
Look at creatures, wailing and moaning with days of labor, rise and fall like cascade finding its way.
I am stretched out trembling, stimulated, and sinned happily.
Somewhere labor, somewhere peace, tremor or excitation. My way of life, my way of liberation.
Sinner or house full of sinners, devils live in my heart, all magnifying, catalyzing, going high and high.
Show- Which monk says – I am free of sins? Look his selfish drive, desire of doctrine, Work for god who nowhere exists for atheist.
Sunshine- Bright, flashy, splash of all colors, lasts like slice of sin that burns flesh and fire.