Only weathered tree

Far in the medow ,
below the sky spread
the spunges of clound with,
standing firmly with the winds,
with the huge no of dried
brown braches sprawing
directing towards sky.

When was the time
each and every vain of leave
to the wide pipe of root
feed up with water
and prooudly told,”I am the first to touch sky”

I seen time peococks danced
to celebrate the season in rain,
when deers victimed
predators killing to
satisfy their won thrist and hunger.

sparrows, parrots lives
here on my sholders with thier
growing kids, i looked after each one
of them eskorting from
sun-burns and rain-drain.

Ignored lonliness awaing
for new autmn when first rainn
will florish me here
and time will me mine after all.



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