Fluent Co. where i don’t like to get in..

Its 31st May, 2007. nervous evening. I had appears for apptitude test for Fluent Co. My two project partners were also appearing for it. I was confident that i will easily get selected. i was prepared to face any aptitude question. We are called to present in college at 10.30 a.m. But actual test started at about 12.30 pm. All student sat in Mechanical drawing hall. I was so excited n thrilled to get the question paper. And I got but disappointed it was a page with just two programming questions.
1. Write a program to sort an array A[n].
2. Write a program to multiply two arrays A[l][m] and B[m][n]

I was releaved because of these stupidly easiest programs. I wrote codes in C, first with quick sort and other in general way. After 35 minutes answer sheets were taken. I was waiting for results. I was surfing in lab and downloading placement papers. After two hours i visited T&P dept i seen list of 10 people was displayed there. And………I didn’t seen my name in the list…..NEXT disappointment. bit frustrated. It was showing names other diplomat girls

I was thinking i had written everything ok.. Then what happened…. Selection must be according to the CGPAs of students.I got a call from sushil. I told, “Fluent is not that company which we are expecting…Its ok. We are not shortlisted…And we will se later.”

I convinced myself remembering the quote by Thomas Bell, “I am not failed, Its just 10,000th way that don’t work.”


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