Have never ending Optimism

I am on on the way to listen the results after HR interview of Cybage software. I was looking little serious. To refresh my mind one of my friends Garib, told one story…
“Its story about village. After two months of mansoon also, no arrival of rain in that area. Time of cultivation is going ahead.All villager eagerly looking towards clouds in sky for rain. All villagers decided to pray God of rain ‘Varun’. They decided to pray in at the  large ground outside the village, which is situatated bottom of hill. Villagers were having die heart faith on thier god. They expect rain after hymns and prayers of all people. One village, like you want to go for prayer. How does he go….?”
I confused,” How means he’ll go by walk”
Friend answered,” That villager go to hill with umbrella in one hand….”
“Ohh.!! What a positive attitude….”

I was enthralled with optimism…till HR manager of Cybage..Pooja Walia declares the result….
As she come towards group of our people and told the names of people selected and I am selected in Cybage.


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