Linux installations problems……………..1

As i found, i need to do programming for Advanced Unix prorgamming(AUP my elective). I tried to install it on my PC. First of all I kept 10GB space of harddisk for linux. and then booted the 1st of 3 CDs.

  • First problem that i faced I couldn’t give the path of installation files as I have’nt given the text option at the prompt on first graphical screen. So it directed only three options later. 1.NFS image 2.FTP 3.HTTP
    All these options needs to have TCP/IP configurations to be given. But As I have not internet connected to my PC so this option was useless. And I was not allowed to skip this option. I called to my friends Sanmitra and aniket who have done it before some days. But I couldn’t get a proper help. Then I aborted the installation and read the readme files on CD through windows. I got that I need to give proper option on first screen.. I chosen linux.
  • As I overcome this problem in installations, I stuck to the another problem. I could not give the driver details for the OS. I not stopped it. I will do it later after couple of days.. Then I used trial n error methods but there were more than 25 options. I done with some std. dtivers. But in vain. Now I was so troubled that I removed the CD from the CD-ROM and aborted intallation..

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