Real world analogy

I installed linux RedHat 5.0. Bhushan gave Linux installation of 5 CD pack. As previously CDs  using previously were spoiled.

The installation was “happy n comfortable”.

 Ya,  Journey was so tricky, awkward n risky.  Person who done it will know the difficulties in it. Risky because you are cutting hard-disk into subparts internally. Windows size had reduced as I separated 10 GB fragment apart.  I seen two cut parts of disk.  

 CDs contained two ways of doing this.

 1.      Developers type

2.       Web sphere  

 I chose developer option. So I achieved purpose in 3 CDs only.I couldn’t understood part called KDump. It needed more memory So I  skipped it.


Really I am distressed because two lives will be living on the same source of energy. Disk size divided and RAM is till 256MB. I seen Windows is running too slowly.(Confidential:  I tried such operations in College Lab also. So Now I am proficient in such work. )


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