Dumb world..

Some people in the world don’t have even all five senses evnthought they manage to do all their work. They find the way to solve porblems. And they get the way out of it. I was at jangali maharaj mandir for prayer after a dinner. After prayer, I seen some group of people three ladies and six to seven men moving their hands, expressing with faces to each other. I found these people were dump. These people were speaking just with the movement of hands and facial exxpresssion. I tried to undersatnd, what they may be talking, but I couldn’t get what they are talking. I am so sad, eventhough not having speeches they are manage to do their work. They have created thier own word away from the universe. where they can do their work only with their friends who can express themselves. One lady wering Salvar Kamij was talking to one Handsome jentleman. Actually all of them were in clean, tidy shirt. I don’t think they may be feeling difficulty to talk each other. They were able to express every fact to each other.
I was curious to talk to one of them. So I waved hand to a man from the group, as he just gazed at me. Then, I indicated to sit on the desk besides me. He just tried to talk, finding me unable to talk with him. I asked what he is learning, with action of reading with hands. He told twelth with hand showinh 12 with hands. Then he wrote model colony on his hands. I nodded telling I got hus  point. He trying to ask something else but as i am unable to understand him . he shouted towards his friends. One girls ushered one Gentleman to come towards me to talk with me. I found, I asked loudly to me, “what do you want to talk to him..?”
I asked,”Can you talk.”
“Yes, I can talk…”
“I’m just trying to know about them..” I explained.
“This is our group at model colony.” Then he told to man whome I made sat besides me, within fraction of second. Then all people started talking to each other, keeping me out of their discussion. They are not hindered by my disturbance. Ohh, Why these people will look to my emotions. they know the world is far way from themselves and even don’t want to come into. After some time they left each other saying “Bye bye” by waving hands to each other telling to see on next day.


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