Honesty is the best policy.

 I was so surprised to watch over  this incidence. It was a day of raksha Bandhan. So students of my class have unitly  to bunk lectures. I have to complete  Compiler Lab assignment. While going to Lab. I amazed to know one page displayed on the notice bord.
The notice was like this..
My pain drive is lost
If who got it contact me
-Jayant Saimani.

I know, as Jayant my classmate have lost his paindrive and I think he has attached page there. I was going to turn aside my gaze.  But when again i seen something scribbled below that in easily distinguishable writing, in phaint colored pen.
“I have got your paindirive contact me..
Ravi :_________”

I surprised  to this incident. One guy lost paindrive… And with the hope of getting it announce on notice board….And person who got it written on the same chit to contact…the owner again…


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