When I mate Linux…….

In the third year of my engineering, we are introduced to Linux operating system in COEP. Till we have just imagined  “linux is just free OS like Windows.”  Sudip(Comp) and Gayatri(IT) wrote an article on Linux in our CD magazine E-Revista. That time We got little more info about it. Then we have just started second sem ,  Linux Oses were installed in the Lab1. This is the only lab where we could try linux programs. According to course details, we are given assignments of OS(Operating System) which should be done in Linux. But Everyone was new to this OS including staff members. So mam asked to do only some specific programs of MPI functions, multithreading functions etc.
I was trying to understand shell commands and shell scripts in slow pace. After completing third, I was exposed to blind truth. I was attending the presentations given by companies come at COEP campus for placements. I found most of the corporate companies use unix. I lost my place at Amdocs, becase I was unaware of Linux commands and I couldn’t answer questions on linux. Eventhough it was having negative marking scheme, I guessed all question, so it may be reason for not being shortlisted in aptiude.

Now, in this year, We have the subject called compiler construction. We will be using Lex and Yacc tools to generation and construction of compilers. Mam gave us first assignment of Analysing C construct.


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