SenSex rapid drive towards 20k..

SenSex in in rapid drive towards 20k. When it reached 17k within shortest time, everyone shocked  to know the growth in the market. But again within some days it touched 18k. Now, there may be some  virutality in the momentum which may lead to some hazard. As whaever happened because of foreign investment and Reliance Energy, Reliance telecom capitals. Also IT services also the cause of this bullish run of market.
Foreign minister also shown puzzled expression on this drive. This is indicating dependance on foreign  investment, showing flow of money inwards.
Current pts on this moment 12 October,21.00IST(when it fell from 18,814 by 396 pts.)
SeSex: 18,419
Nifty5,549.30 (historic high)


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