When i was in slumber

When i was in slumber,

when day couldn’t

break at my home.

till sunrays couldn’t touch the windowpane.


What happened behind the wall?

everyone rushing,

getting their cheese, I didn’t

have key to get some of my part.


Play exits when I told,

Goal was not done by you.

Little time lagged to perceive,

“No one can goal, unless 

other one give a pass.”


When I was denied

to enter the cart running

towards the sun,

called to “Be happy chap, 

come next time.”


Is the same world like,

people greedy easily crushing others.

Holding cup with glitter bright,

with  their dare-devils.


I struggling to hold, remember

done and what not done.

Why pretend to do

with noting as armament.


This is nothing other than start.

I just got up late.

Let me have some time,

to prosper myself, empower

to  place the everything

on its position, See

me leading ahead.


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