Social communities : spreading fire

Web sites dedicated for social communities are found growing rapidly.  It will be rare to find a person in teens who don’t know People of all ages find it easy to communicate with them thorough such communities by just scraping there messages into others accounts. Each user have its own user space where he can upload images, videos and other stuff. To make more flexibity to their thoughts, communities are developed for specific purposes.
I am orkut user from three years. When i created account i was in first year of engg. My senior send invitation to it. I was not aware of such sites that time. But later when all my classmates and friends created their account. It was really found good to scrap and send messages. That time, we could update images in album only. But after year, orkut made easy to update videos also. To add more usability, now one can see Recent visitors also. And before a week i found recent changes in photo album can also found in our account.
ORKUT has been baned in most of educational insititution( like my college COEP). reason is that orkuting make one type of addiction of scraping, growing friends, scraps in this way. Mal-practices and crimes are filed in india using this community (like creatin fake acc. and sending illegitimate messages, some times displaying porn images through such fake acc.)

Now there are other such communities also. is a networkind site similar to orkut.
Bharatstudent is another one similar site.

Actually such networking sites were created to connect people. Delhi IITians have developed a website Student found easy to share their thoughts, express views, videos etc.

Behind this web-networking, advertising is lucrative business attached. Pages are always attached with Google Ads and pop ups. Click based business runs behind such communities.


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