Infosys, Tata topped Nielsen Report

         Infosys, Tata steel & motors have come up on the Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) toplist displayed by Coporate Image Monitor(CIM) of Nielson’s Report. IT companies are growing their revenues by investing in different public sectors. CSR show how the company is conscious about the effect of business and industrial development on public and social environment in this nation. Does is flexible to infrastructure development with roads, parks, health and education facilities. It seems to tell the contribution to infrastructure development,public duties. 
   SEZs are multiplying themselves in  search of required industrial space,causing side effects on the environment. Its nothing but deforestation. Area under cultivation is also under strain. As IT sector is more profitable with quick equity returns in stocks compared to agriculture.(Current fluctuations of BSE stock index was dynamically controlled by IT indusry only with Reliance).


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