Human capital Management

     Management of human capital in one of the basic 
principle of current business intelligence techniques. 
Even though financial capital tell the growth and wideness 
of company, Energy exerted for its development is always 
streaming through human intelligence. So human intellectual 
property right(IPR) is also one right considered through 
corporate policy rights. Management of human capital is 
explained briefly here blow.
     Great manager is one who energizes people into 
actions. Stimulate them to work with their highest 
efficiency and burn out maximum output. He organizes 
organizational property into agents of action, which will 
foster the development, which will last with high end 
competition of parallel grown industries. This time all IT 
& ITES companies found raising their human capital. TCS, 
Infy are striving in rat race to raise their number of 
employees. But this may lead to corrode the excellence and 
brilliance of people. Infosys strength comprises of more 
than 40 thousand people around the country.
      Person controlling the whole organisation will 
maintain the harmony within it, which keep up as well as 
raises the strength, efficiency. He defines organisational 
direction. With frequent time he needs to update and 
overview his strategy and see whether is it enabling the 
growth. It helps to clarify contexts, which produce 
ambiguity and creates hindrances. He will work in smart way 
articulating values and visions.
      Innovation catalyses the growth derivative. research 
and development(R&D) centers integrates the catalyst for 
organisational effectiveness.
      One most important thing that leaders forget that 
‘leaders create more leaders from followers. Leader must be 
visionary not just dreamy.

 “So often time it happens,
  we all live our life in chains,
  and we never even know we have the key”
 means even though we being the solution to problem, we 
unaware of it and waste the life.


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