Toyota mystery

            Nagoya District court in Japan. One FIR received by lady Hiroko Uchino. She claims that her husband Kenichi, who was Toyota employee died in 2002 at the age of his 30 due to overwork. He left two children and wife after death.

            She  reported, “That day, he collapsed on 4 am at work. He was put to work for more than 80 hrs overtime each month from last six months before death. He was constantly given work like attending meetings, training workers, writing reports as he was quality control manager. He was not also being paid for this extra voluntary work It was his happiest time when he get time to sleep.”  But court also reported that long hours work is integral part of life.

Toyota Logo

      Such type of death is termed as “Hara Kiri” in Japanese or  “Karoshi ”  as their corporate term. Numbers of such cases are submitted in court during 1980 to 90s. But govt. refused such type of applications. Now after 2005, such cases are getting successful. If death is judged to be ‘karoshi’, surviving family member may get compensation of around $20,000 from company. Mostly shockwave spread within  Japanese workers because, they are compelled to work free over time. Factory workers come early and stay late to complete the work, without getting compensation payment. Remember, This is going on from last 20 to 30 years.

      Official figure shows that Japanese people work 1,780  hours a year excluding free overtime, and about 40 to 60 hours a week. After world war II Japan had been vanished from global map. No traces remained when nuclear bomb blasted over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Within next half century, Japan had left back India and all other European countries in economic growth. Industrial as technical revolution skyrocketed the country with such Die hard strategy. Now, Japan stays third in GDP rate after US and china holding first two places respectively.        

       This is the mystery behind the cornerstone of Japan’s post war miracle. Toyota, the world’s largest carmaker is praised for efficiency, flexibility of its workforce. Profit is drawn out with hard work and past of it brought to help their employees and families. Toyota is hence Global leader, It promises to prevent Karoshi.

  TOP countries according to their GDP rates.

1.      U.S

2.      China

3.      Japan

4.      Germany

5.      India

6.      Britain

7.      France

8.      Russia

9.      Italy

10.  Brazil

(inspired from  ‘THE ECONOMIST’)


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