Rock the party night once


   Jan 1, 2008. 9.30 a.m. At the deck of Angel Resort, Goa. 

              It was perfect day. Open blue sky had wiped all clouds across the horizon. Noisy, turbulently drifting tides were failing to approach the deck. Coarse grain sand on the beach had been darkened by five day folk dances of Christmas celebration. Usually found crawling crabs in sand are now absent as engulfed by crab festivals in city. Beeline of coconut trees getting hauled by rapid cold winds traveling above the see.          

              This was spacious deck with several cleverly furnished easy chairs and desks. She was enjoying sunbath on one. Tousled golden hairs spread over her chicks, blood red lipstick, and radiant open belly, parrot green sleeveless with yellow strips. Pair of Jimmy choo were thrown a foot away from her. She was trying to stretch bones, ribs which were tired of last night drinks and dance at discotheque. She rocked till his friend gets satisfied. She till trying to remember moments, when DJ Sam hypnotized everyone to sizzle on charming western pops.

           He arrived holding his laptop in one hand and rested besides her. He is one of the chief market analyst at IndiaBulls. As he switched on the laptop, Windows Vista theme splashed. Anti-virus update warning popped at bottom right hand corner. He just double clicked Firefox icon, typed ‘’ As he started scanning the account. Stack of  unread mails and about hundreds of spasm in his mailbox found.

            Lines over his head become more clear. Looking at his frowned face She interrupted, “Hey Adam, I jus don’t like you with this laptop..”

            “Jeni…fer, I have to recover …last weeks work now.” he answered.

             Jennifer thought not to bother him, as he had accompanied with her till 4 am in last night party. They were celebrating here only after profit in his stock investment. He had booked this Angel Resort room costing Rs.45,000 for just one night. Hotel fairs per rooms hikes at this season starting from Rs.25,000 to 1 lack. Every year about fifty lack people visit Goa for partying in last five days. This year great tycoons like Ambani brothers had arrived to celebrate the success of their business. Vijay Mally, succeeded in deal with Deccan Airways in last month of this year stays obviously in his own ‘Kingfisher villa.’ SRK family and some other bollywood celebrities had also arrived to stay in some hotel in South Goa. Bachchan family also had already booked their multistar hotels, but canceled later because of death of Teji Bachchan and preferred to stay in ‘Jalsa’, (Amitabh’s residence at Juhu) itself.

                 Adam started analyzing the Indian finance stats with some highlights.

                  BSE has stopped  on 20,286 and NIFTY on 6,138  after last session of 2007.  India had made remarkable progress in last sixty years and it is considered as land of opportunity. India ‘s GDP rate of year 2007 is  9.4 and expected to remain 9.1 Reliance Energy, L&T, Tata steel are top gainers, where as Infy, TCS, Tata Motors are found to be looser in Indian business. US dollar price has lost its price with respect to China, Japan, Europe and South Asian countries. Real estate investment is expected to grow more and more in 2008. A global oil price has reached $ 100 per barrel, which will affect other related business areas.

                Tatas are launching their 1 lack car in first half of this year. Adam thought, “Even though it is an example of engineering and automobile excellence and innovation…But it is leading to one environmental nightmare…. India has maintained till the balance in emission of carbon content. European countries had boycotted the discussion at Bali this month, because of absence of specific targets of environmental sustenance.  It was being less probable to succeed the Kyoto protocol in forthcoming year.”


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