After Tata Nano

After two week way from blogs..

Invention of Fire made man’s life easier because of which he started cooking food. It gave him survival from deadly diseases, cold. He was wandering and hunting for food through forest. At about 3,500 B.C. Mesopotamia civilization gave birth to wheels and everything changed. Transportation of goods and humans become easier.

“People’s car” made his way of targeting his business through world class masses. Even the price of 1 lack was not exact(but round figure) and it will cost 110 to 130 thousands including delivery and transportation charges, people are getting feel of FOUR WHEELER’s comfort in exactly half price, considering other cars. This is the challenge to world class car makers like Maruti, Toyota(Japan), Audi(German), Volkswagan (German), Fiat(Italy). Tata have expressed his dream to develop a car at average price about $ 25,00 and he has done it now. To come to this moment, scientists, researchers and engineers must have slogged down to bring out this low cost but efficient model.

It is said that, “There are no competitors at the TOP.” I imagine there will be lot of mergers and acquition deals later to look after Tata.

Some problems:
1. As this car will be brought into market on this September. There is huge competition started in getting the saling rights of nano car from dealers all over the country.
2. As this is People’s car. Income level needs to be decided to give this car into poor people’s hand.

Ratan tata have completed the project of developing cheapest car for indians. Model was displayed in 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi on 10th Jan. This is the example of extreme innovative technologies and productivity.

These are the general features of TataNano

  1. Price: Rs.100,000 excluding levis(VAT) and transportation and delivery charges.
  2. 2 petrol engines with 623 cc combustion.
  3. Power:33 hp/24 kW.
  4. Fuel economy: 4.55 L/100 km(20-23 km/ltr)
  5. Size:  Length-3.1 meter, width-1.5 meter, height-1.6 meter

edited after 26th jan:

Ratan Tata has been declared for Padmavibhushan award in field of industry on this republic day.


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