Blaise Arcas’s Photosynth seaDragon, TechFest IIT

(The video is not of IIT powai, but contents demonstrated are same as seen in video here.) I seen the Photosynth demonstration in Techfest, IIT Powai. The demonstration of Photosynth and seadragon was extremely stunning. As such technology is not yet availble to the users through internet, i was unaware that such amazing technology may exist or can be invented.

Information I got about him after googling. Blaise Agurera Arcas, founder of seaDragon(acquired by Microsoft live lab) and Photosynth. He is undergraduate in Physics and worked in areas of physics and applied Math.

When I entered the KreSIT auditorium, it was completely filled with students. So we got seat on stairs on left side of the desks. Witin a minute one guy fair skinned, fine beared-mustache, come and switched on his laptop.

Starting with the presentation, I saw an object, I felt like Buckminster’s fullerenes(Carbon isotop), as he go on zooming from all directions, these were images stick to the transparent sphere. Thousands of images were moving around the sphere. Everyone sighed a relief with this thrilling innovation.

Next, You see one blurred flickr of black line on half screen of laptop, as he go on zooming to part of image, you see the text of an epic printed on the image. He ensures that this can’t be an image.

He doubted why none had asked yet to ask when this will be avaiable to users. After this he demonstrated some other applications of this product, which can be used for real time mapping of the roadlines and geographical information(See in the video.)

With images of an architecture like fort, palace or skyscraper taken from different sides and angles. Then using the transitions and enhancements of images, this photosynth generates the 3D environment, where one can walk through the structure. So Its feel of just traveling through place. This can be used to create tourism development animations.


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