Terror of Leopard and their decresing species

           Nandigram. The village was going to be shifted somewhere else to occupy the space of SEZ. People get united. Waged against industrialist and govt. To save the home. To save the farm, their bread and butter. Violence got triggered in the district. Leopard is also doing the same.

Pune, growing IT city where hills around getting cropped for huge factories, software-electronics firms. If you look areas waked, Akurdi and band of land till Lonavala is being  developing and replaced with industries. Some parts till on the way to be sanctioned by Maharashtra government for SEZ.             Couple of days, some Leopards entered into societies at Akurdi, Pimpari-chinchwad. These were found weakened with hunger of a week. It was possible of attack on humans. People around the colonies were under threat. In struggle to catch them, one it got killed. Some people also injured. These should have to be taken to National park or zoo. Before two years back this case happened in Sanjay Gandhi National park.            

So, this was story, rarely found species of wild life is decreasing from India. There are just few spices remained in country. (Celebrity) Poachers (like Salman Khan) are easily getting bails after killing deer. Every time Forests are vanishing and skyscrapers are being replaced. When on the other side, global warming give warning about disaster. World countries start discussing inventing new Panel, Kyoto protocols n lot more for such purpose.

 Even then dominant countries do work their own fortification.                                 


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