Protect your Computer

            You are regular computer user. And you have not taken care of it properly. Then you will see even after having much memory and processor speed, computer running with low speed. You files getting corrupted. These are just sample symptoms of malicious viruses, spywares, malwares or trojan horses that have attacked your computer.

      Here are some tips I am telling which will raise the mileage of your PC. This will not cost you anything. You just need to download free utilities and install it on your computer.




       Your computer is connected to internet. After some time user of internet, PC will be bagged up with extra irrelevant files. All pages that you have surfed through your browser gets accumulated with Browser cache, Cookies and temporary internet files. You should delete these files frequently to improve the performance. This can be easily achieved using CCleaner. You install this freely downloadable program. It will clean the PC with registry files when you restart your computer.




Grisoft AVG:  This is free downloadable antivirus. It can be downloaded here. This program scans the computer memory and disk after every boot. So you uninstall the previous antivirus and see installing this one. Program offers protection from malwares and Trojans.

Avast Antivirus: This is also one more efficient antivirus. You download this here.



Adware 2007:

           This provides trial computer spyware protection software. You get the trial copy of adware here.     

 Download: Adware 2007



Outpost firewall pro:

           This software give you secure connection to internet. It blocks the malicious activity from outer web world towards computer. It also avoids unauthorized transmission of data from your computer.


Belark advisor:

          You have made lot of sins and mistakes in using computer, just unknowingly this occurs.  You can’t see what is going inside your computer. So you see this program running in your computer This analyses the hardware and software installed on your computer. It detects RAM and harddisk, CD/DVD ROM, other serial or parallel ports.

After looking into this program you can manage the upgradation of programs without help of any computer expert.




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