Make millions with Website

‘World is becoming network-centric.’ In these days, you’ll rarely find person who can’t use computer. Person can easily communicate with other one at anywhere in the world. Youngsters are found madly chatting in cafes. Chat applications, messengers the resources for this. Now on cell-phone is not device which can used to talk. So, world is connected via internet network.
This is the best example is I am going to tell, how person made million by setting a website.  Two cousins Kulveer Taggarand Harjeet Taggar, students of  Oxford university.This pair is millionaires just after one and half year after their graduation. Harjeet is graduate in law and Kalveer is graduate in politics, philosophy & economy in 2005. They started free online service called Actomatic while studying. They are also connected with student society of Oxford entrepreneurs. Kulveer has designed gude to LSE (London School of Economics), which funded trip to Canada.
Before this they tried with directed to e-bay) auction website. This was small success which offered support to do more. This pair moved to silicon valley and launched service that helps to manage business online with sales like e-bay, When this pair returned to Oxford, Three buyer approached them to get this site. It was a bidding war between threee companies. At last it was sold to Live current Media..


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