MySql event in Pune

     Programmers know it as PHP companion. It used to database storage server. And this world’s widely used open source database. It has strength to manage massive amount of database consuming just few MBs of installation. It is born on UNIX platform but now supproted by Windows.
             Right, I am talking about MySql. This is being good alternative to worldwide database venders Oracle,IBM,Sybase.
     As a developer I seen how mysql used in web applications. It is able to process billions of online trasaction everyday with high performance. Web developer are seen to use WAMP(Windows+Apache+MySql+PHP) and LAMP(on linux) to integrate websites and related applications. MySql supports all ACID(Atomicity, Consistancy, Isolability and Durability) properties of RDBMS.
     Sun Microsystem has acquired MySql for about $1 billion. Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and president, Sun Microsystems wants to centralize the world web economy after getting this open source dbms. This is golden opportunity for all web apps developers.
       To know this wide database platform, MySql has oganized free seminars and workshop events across india.
     I am pasting here the venue and timing of workshop in Pune. I’ve pasted the mail that i have received from mysql. Its free to all if pre-registered.


MySQL, now a part of Sun Microsystems, is pleased to announce that David Axmark, Co-founder of MySQL and Brian Aker, Director of Technology for MySQL, and other MySQL representatives are meeting with customers and partner candidates across key cities in India. Exclusive seminars and networking events where you can explore the benefits of MySQL Enterprise are now available. Admission fee is free if pre-registered. Seats are limited. Register now!!

Topics covered:
Introduction to MySQL product line
MySQL Enterprise Demo
Storage Engines for MySQL
Introduction to Understanding Replication Development Process
MySQL Performance Tuning
MySQL Case Studies
Deep Technical Q&A

Location: Pune
Date: Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Time: 14:00-18:00 (Registration begins at 13:30)
Admission fee: Free, if pre-registered.
Venue: Le Meridien Hotel
Pre-Registration is available at:
Register here.


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