Verticle Resolution



Sun was bursting with heat. From morning I had not eaten other than pair of Puran Polis. After long trek, my throat was parched with some feeling of dehydration.One DT member asked me to get some water in the bottle. I went towards the stream of water, kept bottle aside and flushed my face with cold water.

I moved up my face. Perilous water droplets slided down the face. I looked towards my shoulders covered with pink shirt, wounded with Harnesses. I felt myself filled with energy. I paused a moment holding bislery. I took some moments for speedy brainstorming. Some invisible stimulation dumped out rubbish pessimism. I popped up from the place and thrashed my negative companion. I roared, “I am doing this with best possible and easiest manner. Only cowards leave the war ground.” I looked around. Whole remaining community was still eclipsed by fear. “See, this is one of the minor valleys in Maharashtra. There are so many mountaineers in the world who cross a lot more treacherous paths. This is just a simple one.” The moment, my FEAR turned into ANGER. “Why can’t I do this? Who says Elephant can’t dance?” I observed most of the fear had induced because of acrophobia. And to overcome this, I tricked not to turn back my face. “Good Idea!”

I ran towards tripod. One of my friends was in front of me. His body was shuddering, moving to and fro. No trace of smile over his face. He looked to me. I moved closer to him, patted his shoulder.

“Comm on man.! You can do Thhiss.. !”, I pressed.

“Thanks.” He smiled with encouragement. I seen, He didn’t find any difficulty while rappelling.


After five minutes, Ajay asked me to come. I went to him. He pushed the rope into Steel anchor. “Now, I am ready.” I felt most of the synergy contracted within me. I was feeling lot heavier than last moment.” I recalled all the rules, “One.- Legs perpendicular to surface, Two- Knees unbent, 3- Draw the weight downward.” I was doing right. To remove the friction between rock and rope, one mat was kept floated from the edges. I moved back my one leg over the mat. “Yes. Right!”  I listened loud comment from up.  “one-two-one-two….one-two” I was moving down the valley. I avoided looking back intentionally. I did ‘feeding’ with left hand, pushed up the rope as much as possible. I hold the slider with right hand and started feeding again. One moment. “one-two one- two.” And left leg slipped from rock. “Oops..!”  Rock ended and my downward velocity started growing. No sooner did I understand what is going on, gravity captured everything and whole body accelerated down the valley. Temperature of slider was growing. It was because of friction between rope and metal. I could observe the smell of burning cloth coming out of right hand gloze. “Its deepest ‘hangover’.” I could conjecture the remaining dept below. “Now wanted to slow down” So, I stopped feeding the rope. But no response. Gravity had taken over everything. I was falling deep abyss. No co-efficient of restitution here. Only free fall. But after some seconds velocity reduced and whole body hanged up. Electric fork of retardation passed though. “Ooh..hhn” I shocked. Cold breezes were blowing. Body moved like pendulum. So I felt elated. I thought I need to relax for a moment. I took a deep breath. Rope slipped from slider slowly. I came to know that I was caught inside one mid air waterfall. Some cold water showered over my face. No sooner did I imagine more, body took one rotation in the air. “I wanted to stay here inside” I was able to hear echoes of some human voice coming up from downward direction.   Someone was shouting from the unfathomable depth. I dared to look back. “Oh..Wahh..!” I was able to see the whole elegance of god’s creation. Magnificent valley was glowing with green-brown radiance. Some ant sized people waving hands to me from down. I couldn’t control over it. I am going to complete the first patch now. DT people were shouting how to slow down.

I was coming down the valley slowly. I stopped feeding the rope. Vertical path tilted and turned bit horizontal. Yahoo..! This Moment, I started enjoying the tour. In childhood, I read stories from ‘Arabian Nights.’ Similar to Magical mat that float in sky, I was sliding down the altitude gradually. Ecstasy of floating in the sky had no bounds.

Within I moment I arrived place where DT people were waiting holding other end of rope. I tried to stand over my legs. “At last I completed first path of first day successfully!” Body was fatigued by feeding the rope.

Whole team climbed down similar to me. After getting idea of one real time rappelling, I found it much pleasure some and enjoyable than adventure. Next two patches were smaller than the first.

Team took rest after coming down three patches.


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