Go Green NY

NY is getting green city within a decade. Initiative shown by Michael Bloomberg, current Mayor of NY in public speech.
If you see Manhattan skyscrapers. All skyrocketing building everywhere. See current situation of cities and other urban, sub-urban; there is no more place for trees. So, this seems bit challenging. US, unspoken superpower has everything after dominating Arabian energy sources.

NewYork City
NewYork City

Last year when roads bursting with presidency election campaigns, public interests were shown more towards energy conservation issue.
Barack Obama had also given speech like..”We will lead the world in “green” technologies to stop global warming. Advancing medical breakthroughs will improve our well-being, control health spending and enable us to expand insurance coverage. These investments in energy and healthcare, as well as education, will revive the economy and create millions of well-paying new jobs for middle-class Americans.'”


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