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Shashi Tharoor again came under big controversy after his couple of tweets at end of year 2009.

These are tweets by Shashi Tharoor.

“Dilemma of our age: tough visa restrictions in hope of btr security or openness &liberality to encourage tourism& goodwill? I prefer latter” 12:02 AM Dec 26th, 2009 from UberTwitter

“Thx for gr8 feedback on visas.Issue is not security vs tourism,but whether visa restrictions protect our security.26/11 killers had no visas ” 9:52 PM Dec 26th, 2009 from UberTwitter

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I appreciate your audacity for these tweets!

shashi tharoor
shashi tharoor

Shashi expressed his views about visa policy on tweeter. And this led much controversy. Here is my analysis of this.

Shashi tweeted his view because visa policy seemed wrong. First, Decisions taken by party should be acceptable to all. If they offer no heed to your opinions, it is good to let public know about this. They have good common sense to know what is right and what is wrong.
As it remains your own personal opinion, there is nothing wrong in speaking over tweeter. Constitution gives freedom of speech to everyone. Tweeter is micro-blogging site. In these days, Election campaigns are going web-based. Online polls are predicting results before actual ones. It is diff that, some politicians keep optimism in their blog before election, and after getting the seat they dump the sites into ignorance?. This is appreciable you are using tweeter to spark some crucial issues.
It is not good to know disagreement with people in your party. This may debilitate your place in party.

They say that such issues should be discussed within walls of the two ministries. I would like to tell them.

“Consider What if this issue were to be opened by someone from opposition party. You have to keep quiet then or apologize publicly. Otherwise opposition party people will tug you with this issue at every time. Don’t worry, two tweets is humble response to your wrong visa policy. In other countries like Russia, direct Presidents are criticized, humiliated and made subject of joke with their wrong policies and decisions. Animated doll of Putin is well enjoyed in their country itself!”
Some people say that, “Until you are in Congress party, you should follow party’s line of conduct. You should understand the responsibility of government job.” I think, we don’t have to forget – ‘Good will of nation and people should be at higher level than any party’. Example given by you says flaw in Indian visa policy. 26/11 has killed many Indians. Now this becomes human right issue.

Even SM Krishna also said, “You should not have discussed policy matters in public.” It is piteous to know that all types of decision are accepted for the sake of party’s goodwill. You are first Indian then minister of any party. We should not turn blind eye to wrongs in your party.

PM Manmohan Singh, amused to know this incidence as joke.

I appreciate your valuable tweets. This has opened good discussion about decisions taken by party. From next time, if you couldn’t tweet any incidence, publish one big book over it ?


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