Polluting Antarctica

‘Do you know what ‘snow’ is?
Then, it is compassion of our ancestor.
We need to preserve for our children.’

This idiom is going to become more valuable in forthcoming days. I have given general description about how, man had endangered life cycle at South Pole of earth.
We have heard of ‘Antarctica’ as South Pole of the Earth,the continent abundant with ice glaciers. Only place where all mountains are crowned with snow. One could feel heart freezing by just visualizing these glaciers. Animal life at Antarctica is also enchanting. Penguins, seals, Panda, polar bears are widely found animal spices. Now this plant and animal life in Antarctica is under danger.

AntarcticaHuman had endeavored many expeditions to south poles for different purposes like weather forecasting, space research, study of global warming or for pleasure. As that place is out of reach for common man, expensive expeditions took off consuming barrels of petroleum oils. Half-burn oil is spilled inside sea water. In this way,all undergone expeditions had polluted life cycle in Antarctica. Aquatic plants are grown with half-burnt carbon and it was consumed by animal kingdom. Few spices are going to become extinct if such expeditions continued running without care and consciousness.
Ozone layer forms protective coating over the earth. But because of green-house gas emission. This layer is torn over Antarctica. Ultraviolet rays could easily reach the ground. And when this hole grows towards the us. Our presence will be difficult.


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