Green Quote Competition

Theme of Competition:

Hi friends,

Global warming issues have become lot crucial in this time. That’s why countries around the world squabbling over this subjects, trying to find solution.
If you want to become responsible, caring human being on this earth. We need to preserve the environment for next generation. Otherwise, our way of living may turn curse of our children. My great grandfather used to ride horse to commute between villages for transportation. Now it possible to fly around the globe. That time no one had thought that human could get wings of innovation. but, remember, for such revolutionary change, earth core is being dug from all possible side and metals, fuels is being sucked to feed up the luxurious living. As these limited sources are on the age of EXIT.

This is time to transform our self. Every change starts from personal belief. Each one can contribute to society and keep impression to future generations.

Personally, we have started doing this right now. We have done tree plantation drive besides Pune, India. This was awareness campaign. Planned for more activities which can help to go head in this direction.

This green quote competition to get caption for our Green group. So, participate each one and Show the spirit. Think and come up with effective quote.

We are going to display env quotes on boards around the city. This is idea to motivate and make people aware about importance of green technology, energy conservation techniques etc.


1. Quote should about less than 20 words.

2. It should make reader pause and think. It should motivate person about green.

3. Quote should be mailed at umeshpatil86 (AT ) gmail (DOT) com.


4.  If you want to publish them quick. Please, comment this post with your entry. I will approve as soon as you respond.


” Which color is good? Black or Green?

So, why not to Go Green?”

Result Date: Sun, 17th Jan, 2010.

Name of winners with their wisdom quotes will be published in next week’s post.

Best of luck and Thank you to support!


2 thoughts on “Green Quote Competition

  1. Hi Umesh,
    I have listed here some from my collection.

    1. What would you save for the sake of future generation.
    2. We talk lot about climate change,we hold great gatherings of world leaders. Are they making laws to change our actions. No.
    3. Hello! Do you know What is snow, sunlight is still beloved? It means your ancestors had done right choice. Do the same.
    4. Hopefully polar bears will be still around and not just picture or spicemen in a museum. We had a chance to save them.
    5. The nature was my best friend, but I lost it. Can you help to bring it back. Because I want to show it to my children.
    6. Ice is melting because god kept the fridge doors open.
    7. Our generations speaks of progression. I worry. Please, look back and agree.
    8. Earth has only one life. If it is gone. Gone.!
    9. I don’t think we had control over this.This is natural cause. We will reincarnate and experience the different world without arctic ice
    10. We melt ice more than heart. We gave more gas than love.
    11. To be green or not to grin

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