Support Green activists

Copenhagen summit flagged with ‘Most chaotic show on earth’. 193 countries attended the meet, but none of them have accepted legally binding obligations to implement carbon reduction. Heaps of techniques are documented and scrutinized during the summit. But none is accepted collectively. To cope with this, consensus was taken but, not all parties accepted the results.
During this summit, hundreds of rallies were undertaken to demand successful completion of agreements. They were holding posters with slogans like ‘Politicians talk, Leader ACT’, ‘Time to ACT now’,’ Love you mother Earth’.
Some activists entered inside dinner party of global leaders with Queen of Denmark. Four of them are being hold in isolation from that time for their act of disobedience. Juan, Nora, Christian and Joris are names of these ‘red carpet four’ activists. Rally was complete peace full. They were just demanding action through successful treaty. They are not released even for charismas or new year celebration. It is time to protest against this act against this.
Here, you can send petition to release these four activists.


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