Defective Morality

George Bernard Shaw, famous play writer and social thinker, once reportedly claimed one incidence in his life. He was on ocean voyage tour. Fortunately he got to meet one celebrated actress on the deck. He asked her whether she would sleep with him for a million dollar. She seemed agreeable. He proposed her a counter proposal within a minute, “What about ten dollars?”
“What do you think I am?” she responded indignantly.
He replied, “We have already established that- Now we are just haggling over the price!”

Human behavioral model speaks that man is doing tread off every moment in his life cycle. “Human is always willing to give up a small amount of good for a sufficiently large amount of other good.” He may give up morals for the sake of other greater compensation. Actress in the above incidence we would think before accepting a deal. Isn’t it better? I am getting price of one year work within few hours? For some time, she would forget moral or ethics of ideal human being. She would feel guilty later, thinking this has hurt her loved one with this act of cowardice and infidelity. Person offering a deal would feel good utility of money earned by him for momentary pleasure.
Ideal human being tries to stick to his principle always. He thinks from all sides before taking decisions.


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