Nobel prize and Indians

2009 year gave one more nobel prize to India born person. Venkatraman Ramkrishnan, molecular biologist in Cambridge won Nobel prize in Chemistry for his study about structure and functions of ribosomes. Success story had awe inspiring failures behind.  In his speech at IISc, he said that before going to Ohio state university, he had appeared for IIT entrance test, but couldn’t grab seat anywhere. He also failed to get admission at Vellore christian  medical college. Another key point to note that, after completing PhD 1981, he applied more than 50 job applications to different universities unsuccessfully. So, failure is not constant. One could never won, who had not failed in outstandingly. Failure comes to only those who admit.

I tried to list all other Indian Nobel laureates.

Ronald Ross (medicine, 1902) for work on medicine.
Rudyard Kipling(Literature,1907) all work in English literature, Jungle book
Rabindranath Tagore(Literature, 1913) famous for Poems in Geetanjali  and National Anthem .
C V Raman(Physics, 1930) for study of scattering of light and Raman effect.
Hergobind Khurana(Medicine,1968) for study about genes at MIT.
Mother Teresa( peace, 1979) Missionaries of charity’s contribution to humanitarian work.
S Chandrashekhar(Physics, 1983)
Amartya Sen(Economics,1998) research about economy, poverty indices
V S Naipaul( Literature,2001)
V Ramkrishnan(Medicin, 2009) work on ribosome.

Let me know if I have missed anyone..?


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