Archer and the deer

Today, I couldn’t reach home on time. I took a dinner in canteen nearby home. It was not crowd in canteen as found usually. All shops were on the way to close. I moved towards home after having dinner. One the way to home, I could listen music tones of Tal-Mridang coming from temple of Vitthal-Rukmai. Cheerful verses of abhangas were getting vocalized. Eco of music was getting deeply absorbed in the dark atmosphere. Lured by melody of music, I turned towards Temple. Within five minute walk, I reached temple. I prayed god for goodwill. Long hall in front of temple was filled with people listening to the Keertana preaching by group of people. They were specially invited there from Alandi.
One godly man was speaking out shloks and abhangas from’ Dyaneshwari’. Other people were supporting his tone of music with loudly tal. I bowed before the preacher. I could listen to one purport explained by him. Shlok was written by Sant Kabira.

“There was one archer. One day he went for hunting in jungle. He was using one special procedure to attract animal towards him. He would play flute to attract animals and as soon as they are attracted nearby, he would kill them. Now, he took out flute from his sack and started playing with possible consciousness. One antelope got mesmerized by that music. It moved slowly in the direction of tree, behind which archer was hiding himself. Archer looks one deer approaching the net. He makes the flute notes intense. Within some time it came over the net and trapped inside. Surprisingly, Trapped deer didn’t make any effort to liberate from the trap. It was deeply listening to the music, irrespective deceptive trap of archer. Archer took arrow from back and stretched cord of bow and released arrow in direction of deer. Arrow speeded toward deer and took bull’s eye of its heart. Deer collapsed over the ground. Archer approaches the deer, holds one leg and drag below the shadow of tree.
He surprised looking deer not yet wailing or crying and not struggling to get out of the trap at all. It was only deeply involved in the transcendental music notes of flute. Deer opens eyes holding pains , looked towards archer and asked,”Hey musician, Don’t stop playing flute. Just play flute until I am alive”
Archer asks wounded deer, “Why.. You not making effort getting outside the net..?”
The Deer answered, “Because I want to listen your flute..”
Archer roared again, “Now, I am going to kill you. You are my in captivity now.”
Deer uttered slowly,” Its ok, my dear. But don’t stop playing flute. I want to listen you until I am here. You do whatever you want. As I am yours only, you can kill me. You cut my body parts. Cook each and every piece of body and satiate your hunger. Listen..But don’t throw away my skin. You make mat from this colorful skin.  Whenever you want to play flute. You should seat over that mat and play your flute. I would be able to listen your transcendental music then also.”

This is how I am deeply involved within you, eternally.

I came out of temple and reached my home.


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