e-Waste Management (4)

It is the speech and presentation by Arjun Pandey.

Arjun Pandey is National award winning film-maker of 2005. He heads film production company Twenty Four Frames, which has produced corporate films, documentaries, training videos etc.  They have produced International award winning scientific & Travel movies. eg.  Timeless Traveler , Indian Horseshoe Crab.
On Door Darshan(DD1), Lot of environmental programs and documentaries are broadcasted. These programs have more than 800 viewers per week.

e-Waste: Fastest Growing Waste Stream in the world

Along with growing population and technological progress, scraps of consumer appliances is piling every day. Mountains of e-waste are created besides the cities. Some time, it is send to other countries for processing. This has lead to different kinds of terrible health hazards. Consumption of contaminated water, breathing of e-waste fumes had causing cancer to people in communities. China had created greatest ‘cancer cluster’ due of e-waste processing.

Movie about E-Waste processing and Its Disaster:

“If we look back into human evolution through excavation of Harrapa civilization. We could come to know that premonition of e-waste had been predicted in late Harrapan timeline of 1800 BC. (3800 years back). 2600 sites spread across Indus river( north-west part on india in Rajastan) have been excavated and researched. Research of human progress there shows that, They have very careful city town planning and management. Water coming out of every home was sent out of the city through drainage system. That time, waste coming out of the city was showing omens of growing waste in future years.”

Understanding E-waste with Mike Pande:

Human evolution started from stone age, when he used stone for hunting animals. Later he came to know fire, he started cooking. After 200,00 years, we are in electric age, everything got done just within fractions of seconds using other sources of energy. Life became luxurious and easier.  Consumer applications are discarded and outdated. When advanced version came into market, old are scrapped. People are found exchanging mobile phone more than twice in year. Every person in family used to have mobile phone. Telephone, PCS, mobiles, fridge, DVD, hard-disc all are scraped after usage and sent to recycling. Everyday quagmire of e-waste is Scrap of electronics material is growing.”

Words of Ravi Agrawal Head of Toxic Link, Environmental NGO in Delhi, which works to process waste material, toxic by-products through industries.

“Telecom sector is has spreaded its network throughout the world. For this network, tons of wires, circuit boards are used. Waste coming of this sector is danger to all society, when this material kept for re-cycling and processing. Homes and industries throw the material. Kabadi people collect them.  In bigger metro cities, poor families migrated from rural area to came into this e-scavenger occupation. E-waste contains metals like mercury, Gold, Cadmium, Beryllium, chromium. These are hazardous to human health. Material is thrown out of cities, where heaps of scrap is accumulated. Series of danger starts here, when all piles are caught in rain. Chemical reactions within all metal, dangerous liquids are absorbed in soil. Fumes coming out of piles spread around the society. These deadening fumes turn into sources of most of the un-curable long term diseases.”

“If you compare all countries that create e-waste, developed countries like US, UK, and some other European countries are dumping out most of the worlds scrap. Scraps and e-waste from US and Some European countries are shipped to India. These waste ships arrives west coast of India. After all waste brought in India, sent to recycling plants in Delhi, Chennai area.  This is ridiculous utilization of India’s manpower.  This global ship of deceitful business had diseased India’s environment. Unemployed people families are forced to work in this dirt. More children are also caught in this field. Children work in plant, where they are openly kept for chemical processing of e-waste. In age of nurturing and education, these children start cooking PCB boards, rubbers, plastics. These kids learn to rummage through piles of scrap outside the city. In age of childhood children suffer from number of un-curable diseases. PCB boards are required to hammer over the flames to separate plastic from metal connections. River bed of Ganges is polluted because of this e-waste material. Developed countries are indirectly shipping dirt and diseases in our countries. This is very urgent and risky issue need to be taken care of.”


“Alternative ways of recycling is required to be found out. Producer and Consumer should sit together to get the solution over this collectively. When new technology arrives, all old appliances become outdated. This change of shift is reducing. Landfill dumping, unsafe risky processing techniques must be avoided.”


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