Top Ten Green Ideas:2009

Year 2009 is passed, but some some activities or facts from last year are able to create awareness about Climate Change. TIMES has listed top ten Green Ideas from Year 2009.

  1. UN Climate Change summit:
    UN conducted meeting of global leaders at Copenhagen to think and brainstorm over the growing concern of carbon emission. GHG gases are aggravating the situation of earth. Temperature is growing. glaciers are melting. Uncalled natural calamities like hurricanes, tsunami, droughs are on the way to make disaster. Kyoto protocol remained only on the papers. UN climate summit create lot turmoil and awareness around the world. But summit failed. No country agreed to take obligation of reducing carbon emission with planned time span.
  2. Cap-And-Trade debate in Washington:
    House of representatives from White house, tried to pass carbon-cap bill, which will help to reduce rate of GHG emission in US.
  3. Stricter auto fuel efficiency standards:Corporate Average Fuel Econmy(CAFÉ) standardizes the efficiency levels of vehicles. If all car manufacturers are entitled to follow this standard, it would save lot of fuel as well as avoid carbon emission. Low cost and outdated vehicles drink much fuel.
  4. General Motors(GM) goes bankrupt:
    It is 100 years old Automaker Company, goes bankrupt. 20k people were likely to lose their jobs at GM. Company failed to compete with other competitors. Recession also worsened the situation with rising oil prices.
  5. EPA to regulate CO2:
    US Environment Protection Agency( EPA) was told to regulate emission of CO2 and other harmful gases
  6. Knowing Bio-fuels are not green:
    Ethanol is found to bear less energy than gasoline or even sugar. As corns are mostly used to manufacture ethanol, it will lead food price inflation. It was loophole in Kyoto that, it allowed to use such bio-fuels, which are further proved wrong.
  7. Factory farming and swine flu:
    As H1V1 spread around the world, thousands of pigs were isolated from environment and packed into incubators. It prevented pathogens coming into human lifecycle. Good bio-security coincidence!
  8. Obama’s green cabinet:
    After winning presidential election, Obama chose environmental and energy intellects into his cabinet ministry. Steven Chu(Nobel prize winning physicist) as energy secretary, Carol Browner(EPA head during Bill Clinton, presidency ) as new climate czar, Lisa Jackson told to head EPA.
  9. China’s Green stimulus:
    China decided to hold hands with clean technologies. They invested 34% stimulus package for green technologies. It may able to churn out more and more wind turbines, solar panels etc.
  10. Nissan’s electric car:
    Nissan corporation brought electric car, which turned bitter competition to GM last year.

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