‘Love Story’ author Erich Segal is no more

Writer and novelist,  Yale and Harvard  Professor Erich Segal died at 72.  He was suffering from Parkinson’s disease from last 25 years. He has written scores of novels, but widely acclaimed for novel ‘Love Story’. 1970 Hollywood movie ‘Love Story‘,which got 7 academy awards based on the same novel. Later, Lot of movies had picked up emotions from this book.

‘What can we say about a twenty-five-year-old girl who died?’ is opening line of doomed Love story.(Don’t know wheter girl died before meeting the boy, whom she loved.) It is story about Oliver Barrett IV, a rich family studying in Harvard and Janny Caillery, quick witted, working-class beauty studying music in Radcliffe.

I have pasted excerpt from the book herewith (got from the net)

‘Hey, Oliver, did I tell you that I love you?’
‘No, Jen.’
‘Why didn’t you ask me?’
‘I was afraid to, frankly.’
‘Ask me now.’
‘Do you love me, Jenny?’
She looked at me and wasn’t being evasive when she answered:
‘What do you think?’
‘Yeah. I guess. Maybe.’
‘I jus don’t love you...’
‘Oh, Christ, what was this?’
I love you very very much,Oliver.’

Erich said once in interview, “Personally I love having my emotional buttons pressed, and pressed hard. I write my own books with the hope that at some point they will make people weep.” It is said that Once after reading, author’s editor wept such dramatically that her colleague must have thought someone must have died in her house.

Isn’t it seems hyperbolic..? I would read once when get time and think to write about book. Has anyone read it..?


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