Best General interview Tips

I attended selection briefing session by IBSAT. At the end of session one student asked about interview tips. “Which type of questions will be asked during interviews in IBSAT selection process. ” It is answered by alumnus of IBS, Hyderabad. He answered positively, “I will give clear idea about interview process. First general question will be like ‘speak something about yourself / introduce yourself/can you tell something about yourself?”

“Answer of this question usually decides the further interview process. So, answering this question properly, you can take the interviewer where you wanted to. One has to speak about your past career or education background. Going further it is required to tell your areas of interest. You can tell your achievements in past life. Achievements and interests should not be contrasting. (You achieve in area which you like most.) Your attitude, confidence level creates a type of image. You are asked deeply into area of interest later. During all over interview process, you should project proper goal of your job and how it will help respective organization.”

“You should be properly aware about the objective of interview, what you want to do? Do you have required skill sets for that job? If ‘yes’, need to be justified in good way.”

I pondered over general tips that I have read from books and other studied. I tried to reorganize them here with, would help the needful.


Everything answered can be summarized as.

Start Positive: Start with positive outlook towards everything. Positive towards you job, colleagues, work. Mind should be open to ideas and ready to accept the change required for good purpose.

Resist Negativity: Only negativity in attitude is responsible for most of failures. It is good to resist it as much as possible.  Even you see something unacceptable, wrong; try to see through positive perspective. See, ‘glass is full than looking half empty’.

Opinion matters: There is possibility of vague irrelevant questions sometime. There are asked to just test the general mentality of subject.

Constructive thoughts: You should be happy and completely devoted towards the common goal of organization.

Break free: Enthusiasm and humor stimulates the energy level of person. Your body language and facial expression must reflect enthusiasm, happiness.  It has positive effect over surroundings.

Specialized Tips:

  1. Dress code: you should wear formal clothing. Color should not be much darker and colorful.  Black or brown colored shoes ( clean polished!). You should wear belt ( with color of shoes).
  2. You should be ready to face questions related to the field of work.

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