iPad: Apple’s Latest innovation

Steve Jobs has unveiled its tablet PC that’s iPad. It is slimmest computer ever present till in the market. First I confused, whether it is invented as bigger iPod or mini-laptop. But I seen, it comprises most of applications from both.

Price of laptop and this iPad is approximately same. So, why user would buy iPad..? Notepads also coming with lesser price than these iPads. Imagine, people who were taking laptop bags with them on travel will keep these iPads with them. They will keep iPads in their pockets ( if it is little bigger J )  or hold in hand like china mobiles. As Most of apple’s products are for music, iPad covers everything in iPod. It can run all applications from laptop. IPad has onscreen keyboard. No need of mouse for iPad. Now, It may currently apple face compatibility issues with Windows, Linux based applications. iPad can run only their application. Not other at all. Applications for word processing, presentations for iPads are also available, but it needs to pay more  $10 for each.

Size: 10 incehs (15 cm) in length and 1 inch( 2.5 cm) thick

Weight 680 gms.

Price: $480 (=Rs. 25000 )

$830 (=Rs. 41000) with 3G wireless internet connection

Batteries: AT&T batteries will be given with iPads. Apple doesn’t have any contract with Apple products. So, one can remove them after purchase.


  1. It doesn’t have mobile inside.
  2. Only Apple’s products and application will run over iPad. (Laptop can run all Windows based apps).

Apple site shows iPad with News paper app showing, nytimes. This shows all beauty in iPad. Apple has said that iPad can run about 140,000 applications from iPhone.

It is expected that iPad will run completion with present online products. Amazon’s kindle is used my all online readers. 60 % online book readers use kindle pad. Now, they are expected to lose them by some extent.

Concludingly, iPad is going to make turmoil in technological innovations and other companies would tight up their sleeves to bring more portable apps from their sides.


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