Doing business in China

Chinese dragon can’t be stopped. But, it is also true that foreign multinational companies are entering China for business.  They are very well supplying the needs of Chinese people.  Business strategies and marketing, advertising principles are twisted as much, so that now, population in  china is accepting the foreign products.

America’s fashion wear company ‘LeviStrauss’ has launched its jeans’ brand dENiZEN in the city of Shanghai. French luxury purveyor ‘Hermes’ has launched new brand of clothing wear only for Chinese people. All designs of clothes as well as shops from top to bottom are translated in Chinese.

General Motors (GM) have already introduced Auto Bao Jun ( word means ‘Prized Horse’), which is sold at price lower than Chevrolet sold in china.

There are also few Chinese retailers which are doing well but surely affected by upcoming traders.

*Danone is also French food manufacturing division. They think that it is china original.

* Metersbonwe Group is company of casualwear apparels founded in 1995 in China.


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