Organization standards

I tried to write few generic observations about organizations in IT industry:

If companies wanted to improve themselves, they will try to enhance processes. They would continuously innovate standards, so as to find the better place than other competitors.

Re-engineering, strategizing, mergers, downsizing, quality efforts, cultural renovations are powerful factors in growth of company. Every factor is framing an impulse for growth. Companies try to reduce cost and till improving the quality, but both have their own limitations. Imbalances between them may not preserve the work environment and work ethic s. e.g. Downsizing would sap the integrity about company through the minds of their employees.

  1. Correct time to improve:  Most of the managers are rarely found making this mistake. They try to transform the company, implement values, and establish standards. So, this is being followed by all managers, follow up leaders as per their own potentials.  But, whether their efforts are going to achieve company goals? If we consider, all those standards remain in their own mind. To avoid this, directions of all of them should be towards the single goal.
  2. Clear vision and communication: It is impossible to have successful transformation unless active support of every individual in the organizations. So, to get this done, general manager should invite a meet with all fellow mangers, communicate the standards and ways to improve quality efforts. So, they will implement in their every individual team. Concluding, departmental heads, delivery head, Delivery manager, fellow managers, technical supporters every one when show equal commitment to improve performance. This will pull the company as whole towards the achievement.

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