Death of Socrates

Below picture ‘The Death Of Socrates‘ painted by 38 year old painter Jacques-Louis David.

Death of Socrates
Death of Socrates

Some information about incidence:

It was spring of 399 BC, Athenian citizens had brought legal proceedings against one philosopher. They had charged him death penalty. They accused him for refusing to worship city’s God, introducing religious novelties and corrupting young men of Athens.

Horde of people entered Socrates house. They prepared him to drink cup of hemlock.  Plato, his pupil is sitting besides foot of bed where Socrates has lied. He is just 29 at the death of Socrates.  Xanthippe, Socrates wife is released from prison by jailer. Crito, Socrates’s closest companion is also stood besides.  Seven friends of Socrates stood silently with lamentation.

Gray haired philosopher, Socrates was silent, but with firm mind, he expressed his last thoughts in front of all citizens of Athens. It was not difficult to escape death by fleeing, because Socrates knew his exact day of death  week back. Crito made long efforts to save him. but Socratic reason doesn’t allow to flee the death  showing cowardice to all world.

Talk between Socrates and Crito here.

“Breath and have my faculties, I shall never stop practicing philosophy and exhorting and elucidating the truth for everyone that I meet … And so gentlemen.. Whether you acquit me or not, you know that I am not going to alter my conduct, not even if I have to die a hundred deaths.”

It was end of transcendental being.


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