Game of Common Wealth: Chaos over CWG 2010

Less than 2 weeks remained for 19th Common wealth games in Delhi. Foot Bridge on Nehru stadium built for weight lifting has collapsed. It has raised concerns about safety and hygiene of players. Countries are thinking seriously before sending their players into CWG games. These few accidents are showing mismanagement in organization of CWG.

  1. Corruption: After huge amount of financial spending building construction lagged behind the schedule. Construction work seems wrapped up quickly before the games to start. Roof tops are as badly built that, water and dirty found licking below. Material used for construction is of low quality. Everyone involved in CWG games organization has filled their own packets.  Capital city our nation has also being renovated for this game.
  2. Threat of Terrorist: No one can deny the possibility of terrorist attack during the CWG. Terrorist firing near Jamma Masjid has shown the sign of presence of terrorists in New Delhi.  Australian athletes have expressed concern about their security.
  3. Health concern: Games are being conducted at the place of village. Observation by pre game survey committee has found lot of stray dogs roaming around the stadiums.
  4. Rehabilitation of slum: Playground and stadiums are constructed by demolishing the slum houses. So, rehabilitation of these houses is going to raise again the cost of CWG.

‘Ability to conduct international Gaming events’ is subject of pride to our nation.. Now, all above concerns has created doubt chaos around the world.

Schedule of Commonwealth Games 2010 here


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