Facebook – Twitter and Social revolution

Malcon Gladwell, author of best selling books like ‘Tipping Point’, ‘Outlier’ and ‘Blink‘ has given brief analysis of Social Applications like facebook, Twitter are working to support social justice and helping for social revolutions.

In this Article Malcon Gladwell has explained how social apps like Facebook and Twitter could support social revolutions. How could these crate a spark against social injustice? He starts with one example during decades of sixties.  It shows how Negro community gathered to defend against social discrimination within black and white.  Incidence is like this.

4:30 PM, Monday, 1st February, 1960, four negro students of North Carolina are waiting at lunch counter.  Waitress there refused to serve the black students. These few guys decided to protest against this event. And now see how this incidence spread like fire throughout black community.

These students firmly stood there for an hours, even exit doors of canteen were closed. But due to this, few crowds was gathered outside.  On next morning, 24 men and 4 women approached that dormitory in school uniforms. Till Wednesday, student communities of other two Negro schools joined for protest. On Thursday, count raised to six hundred including few white women of North Carolina University.  By following Monday, this incidence had been spread thorough out the whole black community. And thousands of protesters supported condemnation event with confederate flags.

How this event occurred? Answer is , “It was like fever. Everyone wanted to join the protest.“ This event occurred without any e-mail, facebook.  One photographer, who witnessed the event whispered into ears of other few Negros. And chain reaction started. Protestors started multiplying.

Now, Facebook and twitter has given us way to reinvest coordination, communication and support for social issues. These are compelling and powerful web applications in the world of internet. As per Economist blog, Twitterers tweet 750 times a second. Internet traffic is growing by 40% a year. People post 2.5 billion photos on Facebook every month. YouTube serves up 2 billion videos a day. More than half of American teens say they are “content creators.

Gladwell has also given one example of how it has made a revolution in the way of communication. In 2009, Maldova community protested against the communist government. This event was invigorated by only Twitter.  Students in Tehran protested against school department with the help of twitter. Twitter has given way to empower the stand against freedom and democracy. Invention of twitter should be nominated for Nobel Prize.

Indian politician, one of few great intellectuals, Shashi Tharoor tried to use Twitter to take his stand against decisions by other Indian ministers. But, unfortunately, use of Twitter in Indian politics is bitterly condemned by Congress party. Even Sonia Gandhi advised Shashi Tharoor not to use Twitter, which was unavoidable for him. Finally, He has to resign from Indian ministry. ( My one past post here about one such incidence)

Twitter has given us way to keep in touch with our followers. We can share our opinions.

In Gladwell’s language, “Twitter is a way of following (or being followed by) people you may never have met. Facebook is a tool for efficiently managing your acquaintances, for keeping up with the people you would not otherwise be able to stay in touch with

Gladwell has given few more examples, which tells that Twitter has sparked and supported the social revolutions to occur.  It has drive for social change.

On Facebook, we can keep track of all friends and acquaintances, their activities photos. It allows us not to remember anyone’s birthday. Facebook app wills it for you. It helps to grow your community. You can see how many mutual friends your friend has. Pop Ups on right side bar asks you, “You may know these people.“ It made easy to add all your friends into your contact.

One more example by Gladwell from book “Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Social Change” by SBS professor Jennifer Aaker.  Indian entrepreneur Sameer Bhatia  had acute myelogenous leukemia. He needed quick bone marrow transplant. It was not possible to find matching bone marrow transplant in his few relatives. To help him, Facebook pages and you tube videos created to campaign among people. Surprisingly, Twenty five thousands came ahead to donate required matching bone marrow. This is how Facebook can recover once’ health.

Facebook pages for ‘Save Darfur’ community has 1,282,339 members and other Darfur charity community has 22,073 member. They have raise huge amount of money to save the social situations there. When earthquake. Even facebook could let the people join the community more than sufficient awareness would be created. During Earth Summit, an opinion about all going discussion was reached all people around the world through facebook and twitter groups.

I work to design e-commerce sites. My experience says that Facebook and Twitter has unbelievable power to raise the revenue of e-commerce based sites.  All web based pages could be easily shared and spread around the world through these applications.  Few sites are now supporting facebook login to enter into their sites. It has helped them to grow their customers.


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