Who is Entrepreneur ?

I couldn’t stop myself posting one inspiring article published in Economic Times. It would help me and reader of this blog to re-read it any time.
Author of Article : Priya Kumar Author of ‘I am Another You’.


The economic scenario in India is quite an attraction for the ‘wannabe entrepreneur’. A lot of young professionals on the block are more and more inspired to start up their own ventures, to be kings of their own castles, so to say, to be their own boss. After bagging an international degree or having served a few years in a multinational corporate, their aspirations are high and dreams are big.

‘I want to be an entrepreneur’ is the silent wish of many and yet entrepreneurship eludes most. Having a personal secretary, walking late into office, have people tending you is a great dream, but the million dollar question remains, “Do you have it in you to be an Entrepreneur?”

is not a designation, entrepreneur is a mentality. It’s the way you think, not the title that you own. People think that just because they have a vision, that’s good enough to qualify as an entrepreneur.

Just like having a dream does not make you a movie star, having a vision won’t make you an entrepreneur. Here are some questions you need to have answered in the positive to know whether there is an entrepreneur in you waiting to be found.

Are you self-driven ? Are you the kind of person who takes initiative or are you the kind of person who needs to be pushed into action. An entrepreneur can be spotted in an office, at a public park, in the queue at the railway station, anywhere. You can tell an entrepreneur by his eagerness to take initiative. He is someone who does not need permission to do things, to change things, to create things. He is self-driven, and no task is too small not to deserve his spirit. An entrepreneur is so because he takes initiative, without which an enterprise does not come into existence.

Are you a people’s person ? Do you go out and greet people, talk to them, discuss with them, motivate them, appreciate them on your own accord? An entrepreneur has skill with people. He has the charisma, confidence and control over his intentions and influence. If you are shy and hesitant in your approach towards people, then you are far from being an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur drives people and gets work done out of them, and that needs gift of the gab, skill with people and love for them in the first place.

Are you pushy ? If refused something would you push again for it? An entrepreneur does not take no for an answer. He would ask again, wait around, and look for new ways of entry, until his work gets done.
He would you not hesitate to ask for favors quite out of the expected or do things that normally people would pass off. An entrepreneur is so because he makes things happen, and that sometimes need the courage to push when it quite looks like the dead end.

Do you take responsibility? It is easier to take risks but an entrepreneur takes responsibility. He owns up for his actions and takes full credit of the consequences of what he does. He is fully aware of his intentions and because he makes it clear, he takes full responsibility in creating results. An entrepreneur is so because he builds trust, and he does so because he takes responsibility. An irresponsible person who works in spurts of enthusiasm is far from being one.

‘I want to be an entrepreneur’ is a wish that needs some basic skills to even develop. Capital and ideas alone don’t create entrepreneurs, attitude and thinking does. If that is worked upon then you can be an entrepreneur at whatever post you hold.


10 thoughts on “Who is Entrepreneur ?

  1. I am doing some basic research on what people think an entrepreneur is and your article backs up what I have found so far that people believe success or money dictates what an entrepreneur is but it really is a state of mind as explained here. I am trying to encourage more people to be entrepreneurs through my blog http://mattkinsella.com

  2. Great Article! With our business, we find many people who have the thoughts you mention, “I wanna be an Entrepreneur”.

    Thanks for listing some of the traits that are needed to take on this ‘career’. Being an Entrepreneur is HARD work. It is rewarding and a lifelong dream for many. But sugar coating the hard work is an injustice for those considering this dream.

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