Cost of CWG

Mismanagement in organization of CWG has remained a big fiasco for India. CWG shows ability of nation to conduct International games.  India is third largest economy in Asia (After Japan and China). It was sense of pride if CWG were a success. I noted below few points where I stuck to ponder over the facts.

India’s economy would have reached at some better place, if the whole money were spent of CWG spent for better purpose like strengthening the infrastructure, economy, health.

  1. Homes 100,000 slums were demolished to construct stadiums. Government says about almost three billions of money is being spent on the rehabilitation of slums. Counterview: Fact is that, all slums which got demolished were built on public land. No house has legal document showing the ownership of it.  There is nothing bad in removing their homes? Fortunately this population got new houses ?


  1. Corruption: It is shameful fact to know that considerable sharing of CWD event vanished before it is being used and whole planning of Commonwealth games disrupted.

What after this? Is India able to bear the same of CWG mismanagement? Will the responsible for this get punished? Investigation of how much money got funded and how much part spent on CWG will happen?  How is future after this? As India is democratic country, people of Delhi will slap current government in forthcoming election. Ohh!  Sad! But current politicians had already bagged their packet.

  1. Sex industry on the back of Delhi: Flow of tourists and CWG audience entered into India. Ironically, Unemployed female population helplessly turned towards the sex industry.  As news papers say that, this community had bagged up considerably much business than any other lower class employments.

Director of one of the biggest software firm, Azim Premaji expressed views about CWG, “True cost of CWG is beyond six billions and snubbed with question that ‘Is this drain on public funds for the greater common good?’



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