Disruptive Innovations

This topic is becoming is one of the burning issue about ongoing innovations.

Innovations are transforming the lifestyle of human being in every aspect. Business strategies of companies are aligned with customer satisfaction. They are using number of innovative ways of doing business. Companies are developing different strategies with sheer goal of selling their products irrespective of its effects on environment. This can be briefed with following two examples.

Tata Nano: Motive behind the project is to sell the cars in India at lowest price. As this car is released in India, number of car holders doubled. Tata nano has broken barriers of rich people and car reached poor economic class. Customers became content with idea of having car, even it has few compromising factors like size and shape. On other hand, Tata nano has cleared the way for consumption of natural resources of the earth. Huge amount of aluminum and iron ore used in production of cheapest car. When this car entered the road, nationwide usage of petroleum has also accelerated.

Growth of Telecom sector:  Technological innovations in this sector have tried to connect human population with each other at lowest price. This has increased the complex network of radio waves in the atmosphere. TRAI and 3G applications have major contribution in doing this.  Worldwide usage of remote devices is increasing the electronic waste. As this is non degradable material, it is difficult to remove it through the environment.



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