Milestones in the world of E-commerce

E-commerce evolved as soon as internet started connecting people across the world. Few events in the e-commerce which turned milestone in the history of e-commerce. Continue reading below.

  • 1984:The first online shopper was Mrs. Jan Snowball. In 1984 Snowball used Aldrich’s system to buy her weekly groceries from Tesco.
  • 1987: The first ‘merchant accounts’ were launched in 1987, but were restricted to software developers hoping to conduct business with each other.
  • 1991: Oneline commercial transactions were prohibited untill 1991.
  • 1994: Pizza Hut began offering online ordering.
  • 1995: Amazone and Ebay were both founded.
  • 2002: Paypal began offering online paymetns for transactions. Paypal was acquired by Ebay in 2002.

2 thoughts on “Milestones in the world of E-commerce

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