WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to write book

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has decided write autobiographical book. He is expected to earn about $ 1.5 million after writing this book. All we expect is it won’t get leaked before it gets published!

Julian Assange

He is released on bail in Briton and is facing still extradition from Sweden. Two women from Sweden has filed allegation against him for sexual misconduct, which he denies. He has expressed that he is writing book, only because he need money to defend himself and to keep WikiLeaks afloat.

WikiLeaks consists a group of hackers, who has published secret document of US policies, which became visible to every individual. This has which has scared most of the democrats and politicians including Hillary Clinton. Site has done worked in keeping state and corporate transparency in between government and people.


One thought on “WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to write book

  1. whatever feels good to you, my man. regardless,i want nothing to do with this. too low. Anyway, i have subscribed to your rss feed which really should do the trick! Have a nice day!

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