Adieu to The Decade !

It is 31st December, 2010. First decade of twenty first century is going to end now.

Google has displayed very wonderful doodle on this day. It shows the 2011 in Roman Numerals. I also well come this year with much more confidence !

New Year 2011 Google Doodle

I found how this time is ephemeral.
Year has been passed away unconsciously.
I would introspect myself more deeply.
I would try to sap all my mistakes,
trying to live life with more quality, discipline and much more love.
I decide to plan every moment of my life in efficiently.
As Page of life already read, cannot be turned back again.

I recall the time of this year.
It seems that wind blew
With sudden gust.
and much more achieved,
which is not visible.

I would meditate deeply
to know why I live for,
for whom I live for.

I have a very beautiful plan of my life.
I struggle to achieve, patiently,
With possible serenity.



Wish YOU  🙂  happy, prosperous and rich new Year !


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