Mind Matters

[published old draft]

Human body that is suffering from fever, cold or any other wild disease like malaria is unable to work properly.  What do you do in such situations? You consult physician, take a medical treatment. Having some medicines and some rest cures your illness.  Same happens when mind going through turmoil or disturbances. Mind reigns over the chariot of whole body. When you lose control over mind, all other body part won’t work. In this situation you need to heal your mind more cautiously and compassionately, than struggling to care about external situations. It would offer you tolerance to face the situations. Getting control over your mind, you can handle any types of problems easily.

Lust, greed, jealousy, anger, ego, tensions, reactions, grudges, depression, stress and strain are diseases of mind. These can never be cured by consulting doctors. These cannot be cured by intake of medicines. Only one way is to kill them internally. I would offer some magical ideas below.

Sometimes, it is not possible to ignore the difficulties in your way.  It’s required to learn to overcome situations easily. Life will run over the track without any resistance.

These mind illnesses should be cured with conscious efforts to keep yourself cool. So, How to keep mind cool? There is only one way.  Just keep it cool. Take efforts for this than struggling to solve the problems that you are facing. Ignore the situations first, because difficulties first disable your abilities, make you handicapped. Thing deeply, meditate deeply about the matters and issues that you are afflicted from.

Be conscious and concentration your state of mind. It is said that ‘concentration is like making moving donkey ahead’.  Concentration tries to control over your thoughts, consequently actions. Enhancing power of consciousness, increase your mental fitness.  Concentration is witnessing yourself, your activities. Mind has its own power to heal. Being spiritual would support you to concentrate as It create wall before your difficulties.


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