Wal-Mart strategy

Wal Mart retail chain started by Sam Walton in 1940 has progressed within last sixty years. Now it runs in fifteen major countries across the world. This retail company struggled many years to find the effective leadership. Following principles helped business to grow.

  1. Innovative warehousing: From the start of retails company started innovating the infrastructure and design of retail warehouses. It helped to get the repeated customers.
  2. Emphasis on everyday low prices:  Keeping prices lower than the competitive one helped to attract customer from all classes of society.
  3. Base of store design on customer studies: As said in first point, analysis of store design against the number of customers would help
  4. Effective use of super stores:As brand name of Wal-Mart retains the customer, it should be cared to keep the superstore effective in all ways.
  5. Industry leading control system: Stocks and its liquidity determine the growth of system. Keeping track of transactions and stocks controlled the Retail business of wal mart.

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