Facebook Messaging System

What is ‘Social Media channel’ ? It is a special force aligned to strengthen the bond between customers and service providers. Customers purchase everything from products to service, which needs to be provided consistently by the company to engage the customers. Marketers are striving to design programs which will preserve the consumers and brands. First initiative is to have transactional programs and promotional sells to create the deeper relations between consumer and producers. Social inbox by digital river will help in this. Principles are those, implemented by facebook. I will just have look at them below.


Face book Modern Messaging System:

In one meeting at San Francisco Mark Zukerberg told that “Facebook message is not an e-mail killer.” It is the new way of communicating socially. Even you want to contact with someone intimate friend, emailing looks much formal. Message system invented by Zuckerberg is simplest way to pass the message to the destination.

Seamless, informal, immediate, persona, simple, minimal, short  are the keys of facebook messaging system. It has three main key things One is seamless messaging. Messages sent by friends will appear on your facebook profile. It will be indicated with notification pop-ups. Notifications can also be sent to your personal mailbox.  Photo tagging and comments by your friends will be notified with this messaging system. Second thing is conversation history. Facebook keeps the loop of your communication with your destination. If you open the message box, it will show all previous messages. It is just a simplified look of mail box.  Third key is everything available in social inbox. On home page of your profile, you will see all updates, tags, comments by those, who are connected with you.

This seamless conversation stream can be used to keep strong relations between consumers. When first user purchases the product, he can be made to subscribe newsletters.  E-mail life cycle with the customer for Digital river customers is managed by BlueHornet. From last ten years, blue hornet has helped to provide trust with your brand, customer data, and email marketing. Social loop by Blue hornet is using the facebook principles for building better one to one relationship with customers.


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